Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • President Donald Trump doubled down on his use of an outdated map that included Alabama in Hurricane Dorian's path, instead of just admitting he was wrong. We opened the lines to hear from listeners if they have people in their lives who are incapable of apologizing for making mistakes.
  • Shirley Leung discussed her latest column about the sexism surrounding a male judge's decision to hold a female attorney in contempt of court. The attorney, Susan Church, was advocating on behalf of her client, an activist who was arrested while protesting the so-called "Straight Pride" parade. Prosecutors from Rachael Rollins' office requested some cases not be prosecuted, and the judge refused.
  • Emily Rooney, host of WGBH News' Beat The Press, joined us for her famous list of fixations and fulminations.
  • Dan Adams, Boston Globe marijuana reporter, updated us on a proposed state regulation that would require cannabis delivery people to wear police-style body cameras, and on the latest reporting about the hazards of vaping.
  • Tech writer Andy Ihnatko discussed the latest tech headlines, from Elon Musk's starlink network to YouTube being fined $170 million for violating kids' privacy.
  • Callie Crossley, host of WGBH News' Under The Radar, discussed frustration among African-American entrepreneurs for not being able to break into the state's cannabis industry.
  • Aaron Cohen of Gracie’s Ice Cream and Jacqueline Dole of Parlor Ice Cream Company joined us for a weekly news quiz.