Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • Chuck Todd discussed Joe Biden's revisionist history on his support for the invasion of Iraq, a House panel's decision to subpoena documents linked to President Donald Trump's alleged pardons, and other politics headlines. Todd is moderator of Meet the Press, and the political director for NBC News.
  • We opened the lines to hear from listeners about Walmart's decision to end ammunition sales.
  • John Halpern, MD, discussed his new book on the history of opium, "Opium: How An Ancient Flower Shaped and Poisoned Our World." Halpern is a psychiatrist in private practice who formerly served as medical director of the Boston Center for Addiction Treatment, and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School, where he directed a research lab at McLean Hospital.
  • Andrea Cabral caught us up to speed on the latest local controversy surrounding the so-called "Straight Pride Parade": an attorney representing a protester who was arrested during Saturday's events was held in contempt of court after a judge refused to accept a prosecutor's decision not to prosecute the arrest. Cabral is former Suffolk County Sheriff, former secretary of Public Safety, and CEO of Ascend.
  • Medical ethicist Art Caplan discussed a new study that debunks the myth that a "gay gene" exists.
  • Paul Reville, former Secretary of Education, previewed the start of the school year at Boston Public Schools under its new superintendent, Brenda Casselius.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam joined us for his famous explainer, this week about the sleep gene.
  • We opened the lines to hear from listeners about their sleep habits.