Today on Boston Public Radio, from the WGBH studio at the Boston Public Library:

  • We opened up the phone lines to hear our listeners' thoughts on anger: Is it possible to be addicted to it?
  • Was Nancy Pelosi correct when she said William Barr lied to Congress? Legal analyst Michael Zeldin discussed this and a range of other legal questions. Zeldin is a former colleague of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a legal analyst for CNN and a resident fellow at the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School.
  • Emily Rooney gave us her famous list of fixations and fulminations. Rooney is the host of Beat The Press on WGBH News.
  • Shirley Leung, interim Boston Globe editorial editor, joined Jim and Margery, as she does every week, to discuss the latest local headlines.
  • Ryan Landry joined the show for his recurring social observations segment, "You Get The Picture." Landry is a playwright, lyricist, actor, and founder of the Gold Dust Orphans theatrical company, whose latest production The Ebonic Woman, runs May 2 through May 26 at The Machine Nightclub in Fenway.
  • Callie Crossley, host of Under the Radar on WGBH News, discussed recent headlines that examine the extra emotional burden black and minority women take on in our society, and more.
  • Local beer brewers Maureen Fabry and Adam Romanow joined us for the Friday News Quiz, with a preview of the Power Beer Fest, the Mass Brewers Guild's largest fundraiser and beer festival of the year.