News Editors Debate Whether The Times Should Have Published The Anonymous Trump Official’s Op-Ed
It was the op-ed to end all op-eds: by an anonymous author the New York Times says is a current senior official in the Trump administration, who claims to be part of an active “resistance” within the White House. The piece has triggered finger pointing, followed by a chorus of denials from those working for the president, and outrage from the president himself. Jim Braude was joined by former editor-in-chief for Time Magazine, Nancy Gibbs, and the new Boston Globe editorial page interim editor Shirley Leung.

A Room With A View: UMass Boston Opens Its First Dorms
The mass of students moving into dorms is a familiar site in college towns this time of year. But on one local campus, this year, it's a first. Stephanie Leydon tells us about the opening of the first-ever dorm at UMass Boston and what it means to the longtime commuter school.

Author Ryan Walsh On Book “Astral Weeks” On Van Morrison Album And The Hidden Stories of 1968 Boston
Even if you don't know a lot about Van Morrison, you probably know his song, “Brown-Eyed Girl.” But real fans of the Irish singer-songwriter know his best work came a year later, when he wrote the album “Astral Weeks” in Boston. Coming out the same year as hits such as the "White Album" from the Beatles, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Electric Ladyland,” "Astral Weeks" soon became a cult classic. Jim Braude was joined by author Ryan Walsh, whose new book, "Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968," is full of untold stories about the underground worlds of 1968 Boston that influenced the man and his music.

IMHO: Supporting Amazon
Jim Braude’s thoughts on companies like Amazon reaping in billions, while many of their workers rely on public aid to get by.