Boston police commissioner Bill Evans responded to a deadly school shooting Friday at Santa Fe High School near Houston that left at least eight people dead and several more injured, calling on lawmakers for stricter gun laws across the country.

“If this is not a wakeup call, you can send all the condolences you want, but don’t overwhelm us with this talk, do something about it,” Evans said during an interview with Boston Public Radio Friday. “Whether it was Newtown, whether it’s Parkland, it’s time to wake up and stop the senseless violence across this country. "We’re the laughingstock of every country out there because we have so much gun violence in this country.”

The Santa Fe shooting is at least the fourth school shooting this year resulting in multiple fatalities.

A male suspect, believed to be a student, has been arrested in connection with the shooting, and law enforcement says a second person is believed to be a possible accomplice.

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