Five Milton women who took up a pandemic project by starting a rock band are gaining popularity around town and were even featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Joanna Weiss, Leila Mitchell, Imge Ceranoglu, Martha Kennedy and Heather Shaw, known as "The Lazy Susans," started rocking out in a basement and have now gone national with their recent TV appearance. The group of five friends had very little music experience but didn't let that stop them.

"We've learned a lot over the last few months that it's not necessarily about the height of the talent, it's more about the excitement and the passion that you put into your music and kind of getting the crowd, so we're gonna ride on that a little bit. And we're building our talent as we're going," Shaw told Sue O'Connell on Greater Boston.

The Lazy Susans are all mothers who have seen their husbands and children play music or join bands over the years.

"I think the pandemic gave us the opportunity to not, honestly, have to run the kids around and actually, physically, go places," Mitchell said. "So we were in our house[s], and we were kind of quarantining together, and I think part of it was like, 'What are the opportunities — that we can do things that we've always dreamed about doing?'"

"Whether there's sort of a gender statement or not, I think we just have to support each other as moms and as females to sort of take control and go for it," she lated added.

The band has plans to play at local venues in the coming weeks.

Watch: Rock band started by 5 Milton moms during the pandemic goes national