Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins is working to get the word out to any parents and caretakers who may have been in contact with a local nanny and caregiver who is accused of possessing and distributing child pornography.

Investigators say Stephanie Lak used the site to secure jobs and recently disclosed that she also used as well, where she also used the name "Stephanie Germaine." Charges against her of possession of child pornography and distribution of material of a child in a sex act are pending in the Roxbury Division of Boston Municipal Court.

Rollins told GBH News that investigators are still looking into whether any of the families she nannied for may have been affected.

"We could be looking at several different people or groups of individuals that could have been impacted," she said. "We hope that it is not a lot, but if it is we have enough information for people to get the help that they need."

Rollins said Lak doesn't look like who people typically think of as someone who harms children.

"I think we have to really always be adapting about being diligent and knowing that there are perpetrators that might not fit the mold of what we 'believe' — and I'm using air quotes, right? — of what a potentially violent or harmful person might be," she said. "This is a woman [who is] mid-30s who appears well put together and was on these websites seeking help. Now thank God, we have not found any evidence to support an actual physical harm to a child."

Rollins said although there was no evidence of physical harm, there is evidence of what she said were deeply troubling and disturbing communications Lak was involved in.

"What we don't want to do is wait until there's an actual physical touch or physical violation," she said. "We, as a result of great police work, jumped immediately when we saw this and not only held her accountable, but there were other individuals that she was communicating with that law enforcement partners across the country sprung into action."

The district attorney's office is urging parents and guardians who think their dependents have been in contact with Lak or may be one of her potential victims to email and provide their names and best contact information for investigators to reach out to them.

The case against Lak returns to court on July 21.