Right now, Ian McCarron should be preparing for everything that comes with someone's senior year of high school.

The captain of Boston College High School’s football team said he didn’t try to get his hopes up that a season would be played at all this fall, with everything that’s happened with college football and everyday life.

“So being realistic, my hopes weren’t as they are usually at the start of the football season. But I was still working out, and our team was still preparing to the best of our ability with the restrictions," McCarron said.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association moved football to a “floating season” to be played in the spring because of COVID-related restrictions. The decision means no games this fall. But it offered clarity and at least a chance to play again.

“But yeah, personally, I’ve been disappointed recently, but we have news of the spring," he said. "So hopes are still up for February.”

For McCarron and his teammates, coaches and others involved around the game across the state, it's going to be a strange fall. But they have something to look forward to, potentially.

"It's definitely huge that we have spring in the back of our minds, and we're still able to work out for something," McCarron said. "And it's just good to know that all of our hard work isn't going to waste because there's still a hope of having a senior season."

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