While the tenth Boston Calling music festival brings in major national artists over the weekend in Allston, a show in Dorchester will create a space for local hip hop, something the festival has been criticized for neglecting.

“Boston Answering” will feature Dorchester rappers Cliff Notez and Red Shaydez, Somerville’s Forte, and VQnC, the lead singer of Boston-based dunk band Dr. Fidelity.

Last year Boston Calling featured local hip hop performers including Cousin Stizz and STL GLD. This year they’re featuring some local acts in other categories, including indie rocker Sidney Gish and comedian Lamont Price.

Notez is the co-founder of hip-hop collective Hipstory, one of the organizers of Boston Answering. He says the increasingly popular Boston Calling fails to give exposure to local hip hop acts in a meaningful way.

“I think that they have featured maybe like three acts in the past whatever years,” he said in a phone interview. “I think what's disappointing is the fact that there's more than three hip hop acts in the city.”

The message Boston Answering is hoping to convey, Notez says, is that Boston’s hip hop scene contributes a lot, culturally, to the city — and gets very little exposure. “A lot of these people are extremely important to the culture and the community that is Boston,” he said. “The messages that they're expressing are important to the identity of a lot of people here...it just makes you wonder what would happen if a lot of these people had a national stage.”

Boston Answering is sponsored by funding from Mayor Marty Walsh’s office and the Boston Foundation, along with other sponsors. The event will be held at Dorchester’s Strand Theatre on Saturday night at 9pm, right in the middle of the Boston Calling weekend.

“It's less of a competition and more like we want to highlight the scene and we want to highlight what is happening here,” Notez said. “You're missing out on something special and regardless of if you decide to give us that stage, we'll continue to create our own.”

Boston Calling organizers did not respond to comment for this story.