Are Off-Peak Toll Discounts The Best Way To Solve Traffic Congestion In Boston?
Traffic is a problem people in and around Boston well, but one idea to make the commute a little less miserable — a pilot program to lower toll prices during off-peak, non-rush hours — is stuck in gridlock on Beacon Hill. Adam Reilly was joined by Chris Dempsey, director of Transportation for Massachusetts, and Charlie Chieppo, senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute and former policy director for Governor Romney, to discuss.

Immigration Attorneys Say ICE Is Targeting Law-Abiding Immigrants
For millions of undocumented immigrants the threats of detention and deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement are very real — even for those who have been in the country for years and pose no discernible public safety threat. A few weeks ago, the new head of Boston's ICE field office promised to focus on "the worst of the worst and public safety." But Adriana Lafaille, an attorney with the ACLU of Massachusetts, and immigration lawyer Matt Cameron, of Cameron Law offices, argue ICE has not been upholding that commitment. They joined Adam Reilly to discuss.

The New ICA Watershed
The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston has just opened an unusual, new gallery space. But for its expansion, the museum did not go up or out... it went across — as in directly across Boston Harbor into an old factory building. Arts Editor Jared Bowen takes us on a tour of the new ICA experience: Watershed.