Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans said the results of a preliminary study on the city’s embattled police body camera pilot program will be released within the next two to three weeks, with a more in-depth study expected in two to three months.

Last January, Evans extended the six-month program in an effort to allow Northeastern University researchers more time to evaluate the benefits of the cameras year-round, even through quieter months.

“We should be able to look at how much it has brought down complaints against police officers, as well as how it has impacted our use of force,” Evans said.

According to Evans, the more in-depth version should be completed in April or March by Anthony Braga, a criminal justice professor, and Jack McDevitt, director of Northeastern’s Institute on Race and Injustice.

“[Braga and McDevitt] are going to go out into the community and do a lot of interviewing with people —they’re going to talk to the officers,” Evans said. “There’s going to be a lot more in-depth.”

If the report out of Northeastern is positive, Evans said the only roadblock would be cost. “It’s just the price tag,” Evans said.

According to Evans, Mayor Marty Walsh is working with the Boston City Council to find possible sources of revenue.

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