Long-awaited plans to rebuild Boston's Long Island Bridge appear to have stalled out. Long Island once provided housing to some of the city's homeless population, with shelters on the island. But the bridge that connected Long Island to the mainland has been shut down since 2014, and as such, those who were housed on the island have had to relocate. The city says that it's conducting a cost-benefit analysis of whether repairs to the bridge would be worthwhile. For the time-being, advocates for the homeless report that the majority of those who did rely on Long Island for shelter have found beds elsewhere.
Jack Sullivan, a writer for CommonWealth Magazine, has been looking at the city of Boston's handling of the Long Island Bridge. He examined records pertaining to the project, and spoke with WGBH All Things Considered host Barbara Howard about what he found.
You can read Jack Sullivan's article on the Long Island Bridge here.