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Barbara Howard

Barbara Howard is the former anchor of WGBH’s All Things Considered. She is an award-winning anchor, reporter, writer, and producer with extensive local, national, and international experience. Before joining WGBH, Barbara worked several years for WBUR in Boston as an anchor, reporter, and editor. Her radio series "Liberation Remembered" received a Peabody Award, and her long-form work was included in "The Best of NPR." Barbara spent three years in Berlin filing for NPR, BBC World News, and Marketplace, and later reported from China for KQED and Voice of America while living for another three years in Beijing. Barbara has an early connection to WGBH: She was an associate producer and audio producer for the landmark 'Eyes on the Prize' series, presented on PBS by WGBH and later rebroadcast on 'American Experience.' Born in Pennsylvania and raised on the east coast and in the Midwest, Barbara discovered her love for radio at her college station, WECI at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. She is now firmly rooted back east and lives in Newton with her husband, journalist Jonathan Kaufman, and their three children.