After the rollout of the revamped Olympic bid Monday morning, Boston 2024 took their new message to the State House to try to sell Gov. Charlie Baker and state officials on the plan.

Baker and legislative leaders have vowed to fully analyze the bid plan to avoid taxpayers getting stuck paying for venues or cost overruns.

The governor, Senate President and House Speaker seemed satisfied Monday with the breadth of information Boston 2024 presented.

Baker said he believes organizers are serious about only tapping state resources for improvements that will outlast the games.

"And I do think it makes pretty clear that the big issue with respect to the Commonwealth is the infrastructure piece which we need to do some homework on," Baker said.

DeLeo said consultants brought on by Beacon HIll's Big Three power players, the Brattle Group, will now dive deeper into the data.

"We hired the folks from the Brattle Group to review some of these figures to make sure they're real and to make sure they're in the best interest of the people of the commonwealth," DeLeo said after meeting with Boston 2024's Steve Pagliuca for over an hour and half alongside Baker and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg.

"They articulated again that the understood that the commonwealth was not in a position to provide any operating subsidy or close any deficit should there be a deficit," Rosenberg said, adding that he gives the Boston 2024 group a lot of credit for thinking on this kind of international scale.

"The proof will be in the pudding," Rosenberg said. "We have to dig in deeply to all the data they provided,
 and they provided a lot of data today."