Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, a non-profit headed by Former Congressman Bill Delahuntwas originally awarded three medical marijuana licenses. But just five months later, those licenses were revoked, along with those of about half a dozen others. 


The company filed a lawsuit, and a judge later overruled the decision, saying the state didn't follow its own rules. While the company can move forward with two of the licenses, Delahunt has already moved on, leaving the company and now working with a group that's focused on opiate addiction. 


Delahunt, opens up about what he calls the unethical and adversarial process to win a medical marijuana license.  "How many lives could have been saved?" Delahunt asks, "if physicians had the right to administer [medical marijuana] for pain."


"For a long time it didn't receive the attention that it should have," says Delahunt.