Commuters have had a lot to say about the poor performance of the MBTA during February's "snowmaggedon".  Many took to social media to lay into the T- using more than a few choice words to express themselves. Littleton writer Erik P. Kraft took a different tack, tweeting out his sentiments in the short poems known as haikus. Listen to his conversation with Callie Crossley on Under the Radar above. Read Kraft's Haikus on his Tumblr: T'd Off.

.@MBTA_CR Missed my early train (My wife left her purse at home) Still will blame the T #MBTA #mbtahaiku #haiku #perfectexcuse

.@MBTA_CR Modified schedule Last minute cancellations Personal day used #MBTA #haiku #MBTAhaiku #charlieincharge

.@MBTA_CR Outside of Waltham Train sits, announcements not made Bets placed, then movement #MBTA #mbtahaiku #haiku #illcommunication