WGBH News has named Boston Public Radio co-host Jim Braude the host and executive editor of Greater Boston, the station's nightly news and analysis TV show. 

Braude will leave his position as the host of Broadside: The News with Jim Braude at NECN and step into the host's chair at Greater Boston on March 2, 2015. In addition to hosting the television show, Braude will continue to co-host WGBH's mid-day talk show Boston Public Radio alongside Margery Eagan.

“Jim is one of the very few people who knows Boston, its stories and its people as well as Emily Rooney, making him the natural choice to continue the thoughtful, in-depth program she started nearly two decades ago,” said Phil Redo, general manager for WGBH radio and local news. 

The hire comes after Emily Rooney, who hosted the program for 18 years, retired. Rooney has taken on a new role as special correspondent to WGBH News and continues to host Beat the Press

Braude is an Emmy-award winning journalist with more than 20 years of radio and television experience. He started his career as a legal services lawyer in the South Bronx. He joined the WGBH News team in February 2013, when he and Eagan started hosting Boston Public Radio


To The WGBH Community:

A Personal Note From Jim Braude

Assuming you've been able to focus on something other than DeflateGate, you may have heard I've added another WGBH News assignment to my workday.

Earlier this week, Phil Redo announced that I had been selected to replace Emily Rooney on Greater Boston, this town’s signature news broadcast.

Doing Boston Public radio at WGBH with Margery Eagan was one dream come true. Assuming the leadership of Greater Boston makes it dream number two.

The irony, of course, is that one of the reasons Margery and I were so excited to come to WGBH was for the chance to work with Emily. The good news for us — and WGBH audiences — is Emily will continue to host Beat the Press on Fridays and appear as our guest on Boston Public Radio the same day.

When I moved to Boston almost 30 years ago, WGBH introduced me to this wonderful place, a network of communities and neighborhoods that together comprise a unique metropolis.

Now it’s my turn to return the favor. Today’s Boston is a dynamic mix of the new and the old. Working class immigrants and high-tech workers, denizens of traditional neighborhoods and the offspring of the area’s nest of universities blend — or not — in ways that make Boston exciting, if not special.

Making sense of this is the mission of our newsroom.

This is the place to recognize the support and loyalty of our long-time viewers. You are more than an audience; you are a community — our community.

I don’t mind confessing that I’m more than a bit daunted by the prospect of maintaining the high standards Emily has set.

I hope you think WGBH made the right choice. I will work hard not to disappoint.

— Jim