The death of former Mayor Tom  Menino impacts people across the state.  It's being felt by residents living in every neighborhood and town who visit and work in Boston.  Menino WAS Boston and everyone knew him.

The memories and the tributes over the coming days and weeks will be with us for a very long time.

Morning Edition host Bob Seay spoke with award winning author and journalist Jack Beatty, who co-authored Menino's book entitled, "Mayor For A New America."

"I miss him and I think the city will miss him," said Beatty less than 24-hours after Menino died. He says Menino's achievements are visible since his death and it's not just the former mayor's longevity. It's everything surrounding the city and the spirit within the city.

Beatty says Menino was instrumental in turning the page on the cities ugly past and such things as the bussing crisis of the 1970s. Under Menino, Beatty says the city became a much more tolerant city, bringing people together and even forming a spirit of solidarity.

Menino's memoir includes private and public moments of Boston's beloved five-term mayor, who passed away after a long-battle with cancer  October 30.