Mayor-elect Marty Walsh met with business leaders today during a lunch at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Walsh used the event to try to win over a skeptical crowd Walsh was a longtime labor leader before he was mayor-elect of Boston. And he is still eyed suspiciously by some in the business community. At the lunch, Walsh talked about that reputation.
“The paper kind of portrayed me as not a business friendly type of person.  And that I was going to stop development and stop growth.  And I felt then and I felt now that of the 12 people running I was the most business friendly.”
Meanwhile, a who’s-who of Boston power-brokers dined on chicken...and little brownies.  Among those in the audience were the CEOs of New Balance and Legal Seafoods, the managing partner of the Celtics, and the president of UMass.
Walsh sought to put his audience at ease on a number of issues.  During the campaign, he proposed sweeping changes to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. He now says any adjustments would be gradual:

"I wouldn’t expect any major change until probably the second half of my first year in city hall."
Boston just approved a 25 percent pay raise for police officers. Walsh says he does not feel obligated to give other municipal unions equally generous deals.