Segment 1: Fans of cheap bus tickets from Boston to New York City will have to search for a new bus line. The feds suspended service on the infamous Fung Wah bus line on Tuesday over safety concerns. Jim and Margery kicked off Wednesday's show with Boston Globe transportation reporter Katie Johnston and horror stories from listeners. 

Segment 2: Jim and Margery turned to Sue O'Connell, co-publisher of Bay Windows and South End News, to talk about the Emerson College fraternity brothers who are raising money for their transgender brother's gender-related surgery. View their fundraising video here

Segment 3: Since state authorities started investigating his parents for child abuse earlier this week, everyone seems to have developed an opinion on 9-year-old Brockton rapper Lil Poopy. Authorities reportedly started investigating Lil Poopy's parents after viewing a music video in which he appears in sexually suggestive situations. Northeastern University associate professor of music Emmett G. Price III joined Jim and Margery to talk about the controversy surrounding Lil Poopy and whether a double standard applies. 

Segment 4: The newly named editor of The Boston Globe Brian McGrory joined Jim and Margery for their "Open Mic" segment.

Segment 5: On the eve of the Pope's resignation, Jim and Margery looked at who his likely successor will be and the future of the Catholic Church with Anne Barrett Doyle

Segment 6: There's a movement afoot to end the common practice of handshakes. Are they dangerous? Are the necessary? Are they propping up hand sanitizer stock? Robin Abrahams, who writes the Miss Conduct column for The Boston Globe, was on hand to talk handshaking and take calls from listeners.