Russia's war in Ukraine has taken the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians and has now entered its fourth month — what will it take to end?

Two international affairs experts on Greater Boston agreed that the only way the war will end is if Putin is no longer in power either "by the will of God or by action."

That's what Tom Nichols, contributing writer to The Atlantic said, and Carol Saivetz, senior advisor with the MIT Security Studies Program agreed. They said the war, which has become one "of attrition" will never end as long as Putin is in power.

However, Saivetz added that there is some "chipping around the edges" in Russia, such as despair from Russian mothers about their sons in battle and the lack of access to important supplies in Russia after being cut off from the world's supply chain.

"At some point, one would hope that it would get to the point that there will be a coup against Vladimir Putin so actually, ultimately I agree with Tom that whether it's by the grace of God or some military people taking action against him because this is a thankless war," Saivetz said.

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