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FULL SHOW: Summit Ahead; 'A Documentary History'; Nametags

Trump Set To Meet North Korean Leader After G7 Tumult
After a rocky G7 summit with some of Americas strongest allies, President Donald Trump is getting ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Adam Reilly, in for Jim Braude, was joined by Katharine Moon, a political science professor at Wellesley College and senior fellow at The Brookings Institution Center and Jim Walsh, a senior research associate at MIT’s Security Studies program, who has been involved in past nuclear talks in Iran and North Korea, to discuss.

Updated “A Documentary History of the United States” Delves Into The Digital Age Of History
First issued in 1952 the tenth edition of “A Documentary History of the United States” is expanding into the digital age of historical documents. Adam Reilly, in for Jim Braude, was joined by author Alexander Heffernan to discuss.

Mass. Native Aims To Change The Way We See Disabilities
Massachusetts native Chris Waddell is a thirteen-time Paralympic medalist and the first paraplegic ever to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Now, he's hoping his success in the face of adversity will change the way people see disabilities. Carolee McGrath reports.

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