January 6 select committee hearings entered their third day on Thursday with striking testimony from retired Republican Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig.

The findings centered on the pressure placed on former Vice President Mike Pence and the danger he faced when he did not illegally overturn the election.

Michael Curry, chair of the NAACP advocacy and policy committee, shared his reflections from another day of hearings on Greater Boston and said Luttig's testimony was the most powerful.

"I thought he was compelling today, he talked about Donald Trump being a clear and present danger on our democracy and he hammered home this point at the end that it's not just about January 6, it's about the next presidential election," Curry said. "If a Republican, or particularly a Trump nominee from the Republican party, is not elected, is not taking that oath, we could see another January 6."

Retired Federal Judge Nancy Gertner also joined Jim Braude to reflect on the latest findings, and said Trump committed crimes related to January 6 and his attempt to overturn the election.

"I would advise convening a grand jury. There's no question that it is a decision that is fraught. I mean I think if [Attorney General Merrick] Garland is pausing, it's because, you know, the notion of convicting or prosecuting one's political enemies is a very, very difficult thing to do," Gertner said. She added that there is enough evidence to convene a grand jury which could indict Trump.

The hearings can be heard live on GBH Radio 89.7 or streamed live on GBHNews.org, the PBS NewsHour YouTube and Facebook. GBH WORLD will also air the hearings live on television with repeat broadcasts of the prior day's hearing at 3 a.m. on June 14, 16 and 17. GBH WORLD can be found on Comcast 956; FiOS 473; RCN 94; Cox 807, Charter 181.

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