The January 6 select committee revealed more findings about the Capitol insurrection in their latest hearing on Monday, which picked apart and debunked many of former President Donald Trump's 2020 election fraud theories that committee members said led to the attack.

The findings have serious implications for the future, Michael Curry, chair of the NAACP advocacy and policy committee, and Jennifer Horn, former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, told Jim Braude on Greater Boston.

"I think what was most disturbing for me is that a lot of [Trump's] allegations went unchecked by the people we think would be in place to do that," Curry said, such as lawyers and top advisors.

Some of the debunked theories included a mysterious black suitcase of ballots, a truck driver delivering thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots across state lines, dead people voting and issues with Dominion voting machines.

Horn said, "If there are crimes established, I think that it is damaging to our democracy if you don't hold Donald Trump accountable... because the whole cornerstone of our nation, of our Constitution, is the idea that no man is above the law."

In addition to Trump being held accountable for his actions, Curry said government officials who admitted the election was not stolen and that Trump was "detached from reality" should be held accountable as well.

"I want history to reflect on all of them, even though they're telling another side of that story. We need to hold them to account for what they didn't do," Curry said.

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