Hospital shows are a network TV staple. There are more than 625 episodes of just Grey's Anatomy and ER combined — and Grey's is still going. Just as last season, NBC found a hit in the fairly traditional family drama This Is Us, ABC has gotten lucky with the hospital show The Good Doctor. Part Grey's, part ER, part House, and based on a Korean television show, The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as Sean Murphy, a surgical resident with autism, and Richard Schiff as the supervisor and mentor who tries to protect him as the world and the hospital place obstacles in his way.

Alan Sepinwall, a TV critic at Uproxx and the author of books including Breaking Bad 101 and The Revolution Was Televised, joined us to talk about the show, from its maudlin moments to its more effective and specific story beats.

We also chat about what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about a new project he's doing with our friends at All Songs Considered. Glen is happy about a video that he's spending a lot of time watching. I am happy about videos that I might spend most of the next year watching. And Alan is happy to be introducing his daughter to a new delight that we hope all of you might spend some time watching.

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