Björk has called Utopia her "Tinder album," which is such a tease to anyone who's ever imagined dating the person who made the inner-workings of a television set sound like the most magical contraption ever to beset this earth. Does she like long walks in forests constructed out of neon felt? Are her desserts made from mist? Or is she just normal like these rest of us and have a friend that bails her out with an "emergency" phone call if the date's going south?

"Blissing Me" is a new song from Björk that captures the innocence, the uncertainty, and the giddiness of new love. "He reminds me of the love in me /
I'm celebrating on a vibrancy," she sings over a cascading harp arrangement reminiscent of Vespertine's most tender moments. "Sending each other MP3s / Falling in love to a song." (Side note: Someone please find that mixtape.)

As glitchy pufts of electronics and muffled beats unfold in this single-take video from directors Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, Björk dances in the discovery of another person, and, in turn, rediscovers her own bliss. "Did I just fall in love with him?" Turns out Björk falls in love just like the rest of us.

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