It’s been nine days without electricity for much of Puerto Rico. There are long lines for what little fuel is left.

Meanwhile, containers full of aid supplies are sitting in the port of San Juan, unable to be delivered.

Alfredo Richner, a journalist who lives in a suburb outside San Juan, says he and his family are doing their best to adjust to what is starting to feel like the new normal.

“Basically the whole day goes by doing these simple errands,” he says. “So today I needed to get some medicine for one of my uncles, so that will take me a little bit, and my brother [waited] seven hours [in] line for gas yesterday, so my mother could get that medicine today."

And what would he, and other Puerto Ricans, like from the president?

“Well, maybe a little bit less of tweeting about the NFL and more of a humane attitude towards what is being lived here on the island right now." 

You can hear more from Alfredo Richner about everyday life in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria by listening to the audio above. 

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