The New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston has been vandalized for the second time this summer.

Police say someone smashed a glass panel on the memorial on Monday. A suspect was taken into custody.

Robert Trestan, the head of the Anti-Defamation League's New England region, said he was shocked and disappointed by the vandalism, and that it was disheartening to have two such incidents in one summer. But, he says, both times people on the scene helped apprehend a suspect.

"That's an important statement about Boston,” Trestan says, “that we as a community will not stand for this kind of act. Even in the aftermath of Charlottesville, we are seeing a united Boston that is firm in its resolve against all forms of hate and bigotry — and that goes for spewing hatred on the Boston Common or vandalizing a memorial."

Far-right activists are planning a Saturday rally on Boston Common. Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker have both spoken out against the rally.