Rep. Stephen Lynch described a “degradation” of the relationship between the White House and national intelligence services, following President Trump’s controversial meeting with Russian leaders in which he revealed classified information.

“He has been very dismissive of [intelligence services] and I think, at times, disrespectful of them,” Lynch said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Wednesday. “That hurts morale, and I think that’s not good for the country, it’s not good for this White House to have lost the trust and support of even a small number of those agents that are risking their lives on our behalf.”

As Trump tweeted, the president does have the “absolute right” to share information, as he has the unilateral authority to declassify even the most top-secret intelligence. But this choice has caused a lot of anxiety regarding the future of Trump’s foreign policy, and whether or not he can be trusted with classified information in general.

“I think this president is a bit immature, “ Lynch said. “He’s from totally outside government, and I don’t think he really appreciates the gravity of the position that the American people have given him.”

According to Lynch, there may be grounds for impeachment, a subject that has gradually grown from conspiracy theory to a semi-plausible possibility over the course of the week. New revelations have surfaced about the firing of former FBI director James Comey in the midst of an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, including meticulous notes from Comey suggesting Trump asked him to end the investigation in a private dinner.

“We have to get all the evidence we can, if there are tapes, we have to get that … and yeah, I think that … obstruction of an FBI investigation for corrupt purposes constitutes a crime which is impeachable,” Lynch said. “I think it’s close enough to the line to do a full investigation.”

Rep. Stephen Lynch represents the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts. To hear his entire interview with Boston Public Radio, click on the audio player above.