In the latest chapter from the book of "You Can't Make This-Stuff Up: Election Edition," we are left to ponder the strange case of Donald Trump and his alleged alter egos.

The Washington Post came out with an extensive report Friday, detailing how Trump, back in the 90s, posed as his own PR person when speaking with press. He, according to the report, used the names John Miller and John Barron and talked about a lot of things, including whether or not he was romantically linked to Madonna. Trump denied the story, and the Post is standing by it.

Per usual with Trump, Twitter had fun with it:

There are already several John Miller parody accounts on the social media network as well.

There are still some questions here. For one, did Trump really do this? Some outlets have been reporting that Trump actually testified in 1990 that he used the fake names before. A Vice article from 2015 has more detail, too.

Next question: If he did, why would he do this? Trump has always good at garnering media attention, by himself.

And of course, our last question has to be: What will happen next? It seems this presidential campaign magnifies the unbelievable, almost exponentially, just about everyday. What will happen next week?

Usually, we try to end with some deep thought, some big think, some smart, fresh point that illuminates an underlying truth about ourselves, or the Internet, or politics. But we can't. Because we're still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor. We're writing about a presidential candidate's alter egos. Making words about a likely presidential nominee's own personal Sasha Fierce.

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