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The Republicans may not be happy that President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court today, but the host of WGBH’s Security Mom Podcast Juliette Kayyem certainly was.

“There is just nothing not to like about him,” Kayyem said on Boston Public Radio Wednesday. “Good things happen to good people.”

Kayyem, who has known Garland since the Clinton administration, believes that Garland is a perfect candidate for the position.  She says, his focus on statutes, precedents, and his experience as a line attorney, set him up to be a just and balanced judge.

President Obama described Garland as a good man in addition to being a great lawyer. Kayyem continued to emphasise this point. “I was listening on the radio and I was almost in tears about what he was saying. He is very egoless and I think that will help him as he goes through what will be a painful process.”

Senate Republicans continued to be outspoken about not holding a confirmation hearing for Garland after his nomination had been announced. The GOP’s resistance to Obama’s nominee is highly troubling for Kayyem. “This is a test of how broken we are as a country… I hope we don’t fail,” she said.

Kayyem says that Senate Republicans are working against the will of the people. “I think the Senate Republicans are looking at the same numbers that we are looking at, most Americans think they should do their job.”