Hillary Clinton had a big night Tuesday, taking home four states and speaking to an excited crowd in Palm Beach, Fla. But some criticized her tone on social media during her speech.

It started with several tweets from male television personalities.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough told her to "Smile. You just had a big night."

Just before that, he had tweeted "What a massive night for @HillaryClinton."

Fox News Channel Political Analyst Brit Hume also tweeted that Clinton was "having a big night" and that she's "shouting angrily":

Howard Kurtz, also of Fox, also said Clinton was "shouting" and suggested a more "conversational tone."

After getting blowback for the comment, including criticism that similar comments would not have been made about men, Kurtz said he's also criticized Bernie Sanders for shouting.

The responses to Scarborough, Hume and Kurtz's tweets was swift. Some defenses were serious:

And several were funny, taking the form of video clips and memes:

And as proof that Hamilton the musical touches everything, there was also this:

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