Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Italy on Saturday to demonstrate in support of a bill that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions.

The predominantly Catholic country is the last western European nation that doesn't offer same-sex couples any legal rights.

As NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports for our Newscast unit, many activists are determined to change that.

Sylvia says the square outside the pantheon in Rome was packed on Saturday:

"LGBT activists were joined by environmentalists, trade unions, students and ordinary citizens."They chanted, 'Wake up Italy, it's time to be civilized.'"The civil unions bill goes to Parliament next week after years of obstruction by Catholic politicians. And Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says its passage can no longer be delayed."Last year, the European Court of Human Rights found Italy in violation of the human rights convention that guarantees respect for private and family life."

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