When it comes to shoveling snow, it's push and throw. But after watching this video I think it's time to step it up: push, throw, twist and dance. 

Richard Laubonet of Montreal made the video. Laubonet heads a gym in Montreal that specializes in African dance. Just imagine trying to dance with a shovel holding multiple pounds of snow.

Laubonet says the dance moves are called coupé-décalé. And they're moves he learned growing up in Ivory Coast. Laubonet says you use your feet, your whole body, "but the most important thing is to put some smile into it."

These moves are not to be confused with mapouka. Laubonet laughed really hard when we jokingly mentioned that to him. "If we did mapouka on the video, I think people would think we are crazy." Mapouka is a suggestive dance.  

Anyway, it was while shoveling that Laubonet decided to make this video and share it with friends. Before he knew it, he was hearing from people around globe thanking him for it. 

From PRI's The World ©2015 Public Radio International