A Russian destroyer in the Aegean Sea fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing ship that got too close on Sunday, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Of course, this news comes during a time when relations between the two country are strained over Turkey's downing of a Russian war plane.

Bloomberg reports:

"Russia's Smetliviy patrol boat, which was anchored, issued visual warnings and tried without success to reach the Turkish ship by radio when it came within 1,000 meters, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said Sunday in a statement. When the vessel didn't respond and closed to within 600 meters, the Russian warship fired, prompting the Turkish boat to change course, the ministry said."Turkey's military attache at the embassy in Moscow has been 'urgently' summoned over the incident, the Defense Ministry said."

CBS News adds:

"Earlier this month, Turkey complained to Russia after a Russian sailor was allegedly photographed holding a rocket launcher as his ship passed through Istanbul."Turkey and Russia originally found themselves at odds over the Syria conflict, with Ankara backing the U.S. coalition seeking to oust President Bashar Assad, and Moscow continuing its long tradition of supporting the Assad regime."Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.