• The world is buzzing about Jon Stewart's new (and relatively unknown) replacement, Trevor Noah. We check in with you about Comedy Central's decision to replace to comedy titans with black men. Does this represent a shift in our national conversation? >>Read more here OR >>Download our podcast.
  • Jared Bowenstops by to praise and pan four new movies, theatre, and Jean-Michel Othoniel's Secret Flower Sculpture at the Gardner Museum. [27:46]
  • As the defense winds down their case, we check in with you and with WGBH reporter Phillip Martinabout the Tsarnaev trial. Do you think the then 19 year old qualified as an adolescent? [52:57]
  • Keith Lockhartjoins us to share stories from the Kennedys to the Queen and to look back on on 20 years with the POPS. [1:36:33]
  • Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has announced a boycott and a travel ban on the State of Indiana after they announced a new anti-LGBT law. We get your take. [2:02:16]
  • Finally, Nancy Koehn joins us to discuss Ellen Pao and gender discrimination in Silicon Valley. >>Read more here. [2:19:40]