Day 14 of the third week of the Boston Marathon federal death-penalty trial of  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  for his part in the April 13, 2013 marathon bomb attack came to a close last Thursday.

Jurors heard several hours of technical testimony regarding explosive materials and the actual manufacture of bombs.

This was followed by emotional and graphic testimony from the medical examiner who reviewed autopsy photos of victim Krystle Campbell with the jury. He described extensive and bloody damage. 

WGBH News reporters' Phillip Martin and Emily Rooney are covering the trial at U.S. District court in Boston, along with WGBH's Adam Reilly.  During a debrief with Morning Edition host Bob Seay, Martin says Campbell's autopsy photos were shown to jurors, and they also heard testimony from a medical examiner who says Campbell may have lived up to a minute after she sustained injuries from the blast.

Rooney  says jurors heard testimony earlier in the week from terrorism expert Matthew Levitt, who was grilled while he was on the stand for  a day and half. Rooney says Levitt was quite feisty on the witness stand. She says Levitt's testimony was an attempt to establish that the defendant had Islamic chants and documents from "Inspire" magazine on his electronic devices. Rooney  says at one point, Levitt testified that it doesn't matter who downloaded the radical Islamic material, he ( the defendant) was clearly listening to them.  


The trial will resume Monday, March 30 when the prosecution presents its final witnesses before resting its case.