• We open our show talking about mandatory minimums. Are they a part of enforcing the law in an equal way or or are they costing us money and enforcing inequality? 
  • Then we check in with AliceLocicero about her new book  Why "Good Kids" Turn into Deadly Terrorists: Deconstructing the Accused Boston Marathon Bombers and Others Like Them.
  • Heather Goldstone stops by to discuss warnings that a melting glacier in Antarctica could raise sea levels by 11 feet, starving sea lion pups are washing up on shore, and a proposal to ban plastic bags in Cambridge. Then we get your take.  >>Read more here. OR >>Download our podcast.
  • Alex Beamsits down to talk about race conversations at Starbucks and Pete Rose's contention that he belongs in the hall of fame. But does he?
  • Finally, Jonathon Alsop has good news for wine lovers, hangover free wine. Plus he weighs in on the future of genetically engineered wine, and how Texas is the new Napa Valley. >>Read more here.