• We talk to CNN Analyst and House of Cards star, John Kingabout immigration reform, voting rights fifty years after Selma, and the ongoing Hillary Clinton fallout after her email controversy.
  • Then we talk to you about the salaries over at Boston 2024, are the high numbers unusual? Do they matter to you?
  • We check in with UMass Boston Chancellor, Keith Motleyon the ongoing Olympics plans for his campus as well as the EMK institute.
  • Congressman Michael Capuano joins us to discuss the Republicans baffling actions with respect to Iran, his position on the Olympics, his thoughts on rail service, education, and drones. >>Read more here.
  • We host our monthly film segment with Garen Daly, taking a look at 1976's The Network. What do you think, does it hold up? >>Read more here. OR >>Download our podcast here.
  • Then we check in with you about Mayor Marty Walsh's new plan to spruce up City Hall plaza. What do you think we could to to transform it?
  • And finally, Nancy Koehnhelps us reflect on McDonalds' continued downward spiral. Can fast food keep up with the demand for fresh food? >>Read more here.