Protests continue around the country, a civil rights march is planned for this Saturday in Washington, and all this week WGBH Focus reports,  “From Ferguson to Boston,” are examining issues surrounding cases in New York and Ferguson that have sparked new momentum and a sea of change in civil rights discussions.

Morning Edition host Bob Seay  interviewd ACLU Attorney Carl Williams, who recently wrote a report on racial bias in Boston policing that recommended the use of police worn body cameras,  http://recent report on racial bias in Boston policing , and Wellesley Police Chief Terrence Cunningham, a- 32 year police veteran, the First Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

In working to reduce racial bias and allegations and allegations of profiling by police, Chief Cunningham says diversifying the department was difficult, "because his department was operating under the Civil Service Department, who said the department was reflective of the community." As a result, Cunningham removed his department from civil service.

Williams says there are challenges in increasing diversity and making departments representative of their communities.

Both men agree on the benefits of body worn cameras, however Cunningham says there should be limitations.

You can hear the entire interview by clicking on the audio file above.