• Jim and Margery asked listeners what they thought the United States should do about an influx of child migrants into the country. Should they all be sent back? Is it humane to detain young kids for long periods of time? Should we find space for them here in the country? What solutions aren't being talked about? Northeastern University School of Law associate professor Rachel Rosenbloom joined Jim and Margery to discuss the legal implications.
  • Pastor Scott Lively joined Jim and Margery to talk about his bid for Mass. governor. Lively is running on the "Miracle Ticket."
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam talked about the recent case of a Mansfield School Superintendent who plagiarized a commencement speech. Why do we plagiarize and appropriate? Why do seemingly talented people try to find shortcuts?
  • WCAI and WGBH senior science editor Heather Goldstonewas back for a science and environment update.
  • Innovation Hubhost Kara Miller talked about the ways technology is changing the way we speak to each other. You can hear Kara Thursday nights at 9, and Saturdays at 10 AM on 89.7 WGBH.