• Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll talked about revoking Gordon College's right to oversee Old Town Hall due to the college's policies about sexual orientation.
  • Mass. General Hospital's Dr. Christina Scirica, a pediatrician, talked about writing exercise prescriptions for children and young adults. Here is the site to find out more.
  • Food writer Corby Kummer debated revising or redefining the word "foodie." Kummer also talked with Jim and Margery about whether competitive eating is a sport. Corby Kummer is a senior editor for The Atlantic.
  • Innovation Hub host Kara Miller talked about an eventual media breakdown — how traditional media are now fighting against crowd-sourced, breaking-news services, and how they're learning to use said services, too.
  • Boston College media director Jack Dunn joined Jim and Margery to respond to Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, who joined BPR Wednesday to talk about fallout from the Boston College oral history project.