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In our Weekly Innovation series, we pick an interesting idea, design or product that you may not have heard of yet.

Why do lamps have to stand apart from the surfaces you're trying to light? That was a question noodling around the mind of German design student Simon Frambach, who ultimately came up with the Soft Light, a thick, flexible lampshade that can be shoved into dark corners, furniture gaps or even used as a pillow.

"To me it is fascinating how one little alteration (the softness) can really change the whole concept of a product that surrounds us," Frambach explained to Design Milk.

Frambach made the Soft Light with squishy, polyurethane foam on a device he created for rotational milling. An energy-saving light bulb, protected by a cage, illuminates the porous foam from the inside.

You can't purchase the Soft Light just yet. It's currently a prototype and being shown at design shows in Europe, where it's winning awards.

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