This is our first, and possibly last, mention of a story that's been getting lots of play on cable news:

"Mexican Court Frees Arizona Mom Accused Of Drug Smuggling." (

"I'm free now ... and I'm very grateful," Yanira Maldonado told reporters early Friday.

In case you haven't been following this story, here's how The Arizona Republic sums it up:

"A Mormon mother from Goodyear whose detention in a Mexico jail on suspicion of drug smuggling made international headlines, inspired a 'Free Yanira' hashtag on Twitter and won the attention of politicians on both sides of the border was freed by a judge late Thursday after spending nine days in jail."A small sedan carrying Yanira Maldonado and her family members could be seen crossing through the Nogales port of entry at 12:20 a.m. Friday morning. ..."Her husband, Gary, said at a news conference earlier Thursday that the family was optimistic Maldonado, 42, would be released after surveillance video showed her boarding a bus in Mexico on her way back to Arizona carrying two blankets, two water bottles and her purse, but no drugs. She had been arrested after soldiers found drugs under her seat on the bus."

Authorities had said they found 12 pounds of marijuana under that bus seat.

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