Presumably, most people who've been paying attention know by now that Mitt Romney is very, very rich.

But to say that he possesses a fortune estimated at up to $250 million can be too abstract for most people. From an opposing campaign's point of view, better to provide voters with a concrete example of how Romney differs from most people.

And it's hard to find a more concrete example, literally and figuratively, than a supersized basement.

Politico reported Tuesday that a rival campaign passed along to it the plans for Romney's new house in La Jolla, Calif., which involve a massive renovation of the oceanside property outside San Diego. The report also said Romney has paid a lawyer $21,500 since 2008 to lobby local officials for the needed construction approvals.

The overhaul will include the excavation of the area under the house to create a 3,600-square-foot basement.

What's more, the house plan obtained by Politico calls for a four-car garage and a car lift to transport cars between floors. Politico reported:

"The documents were provided to POLITICO by a rival campaign, but authenticated independently by POLITICO with San Diego officials."The U.S. Secret Service, in a coordinated appeal with the Romney campaign, requested that POLITICO not publish the specific plans, complete with architectural drawings, submitted to a local agency in California as part of the approval process."

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