Local singer, rapper and artist Billy Dean Thomas will make their Boston Calling debut this month.

“I'm ecstatic. We've been rehearsing a ton. I just want it to be perfect,” Thomas told Boston Public Radio on Friday.

Thomas has been performing for nearly 10 years. Back in 2015, they were pulled on stage to rap during a Who'da Funk It? concert in Northampton. Since then, they have performed in Europe and on ABC’s “The View.” But this will be their first time performing at Boston Calling alongside national acts like The Killers, Megan Thee Stallion and Ed Sheeran.

“For some reason, the light is being shined on us right now, and I'm just taking advantage of that moment,” Thomas said.

Thomas is also working on a new album. While fans might know them for rapping, they said they’ve always had other musical skills but were reluctant to reveal their singing talents until further in their career. Thomas’ mentor urged them to stop waiting. The new album will include more singing and new genres.

“I'm putting together a really, really lovely compilation of music right now to just showcase the range of what I can do, from singing to different genres,” Thomas said.

At Boston Calling, Thomas and their band will bring new energy, too.

“I want to give you guys everything that I've never given before,” they said.