As you enter Trillium Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom in Canton, two details make an immediate impression. First, the smell. The unmistakably rich and heady aroma of a brewery in full swing is warm, slightly sweet, and comforting. The second detail? Everyone, and I mean everyone, is smiling. The guests sidled up at high-top tables lining the walls are enjoying some of the finest beer on the planet, and the staff clearly love what they do. These two details are big factors why Trillium is exploding on the global craft beer stage.

Owner Esther Tetreault and Director of Marketing Jonathan Tompkins
Owner Esther Tetreault and Director of Marketing Jonathan Tompkins are helping take Trillium to new heights.
Adam Centamore

Since opening in 2013, owners JC and Esther Tetreault have taken their passion project from three employees in a small space in Fort Point, to over 300 employees spanning two breweries and a restaurant in Fort Point. Named for a species of flower, Trillium has enjoyed innumerable accolades including being named 2016’s third-best brewery in the world and best beer in Massachusetts. The progress made is remarkable.

What about the incredible success and fame gained in such a short time? “Craft beer is a really small community, but people across the world know who we are.” She mentions friends in Europe who frequently see evidence of Trillium’s popularity. “It’s insane,” Tetreault chuckles.

Both Tetreault and Tompkins attest their success to fierce attention to detail. “The beer always, always comes first,” Tompkins asserts, quickly confirmed by Tetreault. “The standards we set for ourselves are paramount for the product.” The employees all share in this philosophy as well. Tompkins is happy to have it that way. “One hallmark of our employees is always wanting to learn more. With all the styles and products we offer, the staff can talk about all of them.”

This intense focus on process and product is what keeps Trillium from distributing their products. They have no plans to share their liquid gold past supplying their restaurant and tap rooms. “It’s about integrity,” Tetreault states confidently. “We want to participate in every stage of what we do. We want to be the ones who talk to you about our beer.”

Retail Manager Ben Iddings
Retail Manager Ben Iddings serves up a favorite IPA
Adam Centamore

Speaking of beer, it’s samples time! With more than a dozen beers available on tap, there are plenty of options. The offerings rotate frequently, depending on availability. Retail manager Ben Iddings pours up a Double Seesaw gose. It’s deep violet in the glass. Berry aromas explode from the glass, complemented by the same on the palate. Macerated berry juice adds a brilliant streak of tartness. Awesome.

I ask Iddings what his favorite it, fully knowing it’s a loaded question. He smiles and pours me a taste of Scaled IPA. “This,” he simply states. At once soft and mildly bitter, I can’t get over the ripe mango and lemon aromas. Flavors of fresh pineapple and grapefruit roll over the palate. “It’s got lots of melon,” he shares with me. “Plus a really nice, easy tropical taste.”

The Canton tap room offers a range of snacks for people to nibble on, including Mi Niña tortilla chips, Brewer’s Crackers, and a range of hummus They also welcome guests to bring their own food. Food trucks dot the parking lot every Thursday through Sunday, offering a wide range of cuisines for people to enjoy while knocking back a few. They are dog and kid-friendly as well, a requirement of Tetreault. “We couldn’t find a great place to take our kids,” she said. “Now we can!”

With their foot firmly planted on the accelerator, Trillium has absolutely no plans to slow down or change how they do what they do. It clearly works, and Tetreault couldn’t be happier. “We want you to leave us with more than just some beer,” she asserts. “We want you to have an awesome time.”

Locations: 110 Shawmut Rd., Canton, 781-562-0073; 50 Thomson Pl., Fort Point, Boston, 857-449-0083; Trillium Beer Garden at High St. & Atlantic, Boston,