It's the perfect time of year to indulge in a chocolatey treat-in-a-mug. Why not pair it with one of Boston's unique experiences for a real Valentine's Day treat? Whether you're coupling up or flying solo, hot chocolate-dates are the gift that will make everyone feel well-loved.

Hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick and a tour of the Boston Public Library

This is the closest to European-style hot chocolate you're going to find in the area. A little of this rich treat goes a long way, which is a good thing since you’ll pay a premium for their top-quality ingredients. (It’s worth it.) The single-origin chocolates at L.A. Burdick make some of the finest drinking cocoa available.

Around the corner from the Back Bay location is the Boston Public Library. The McKim Building in Copley Square, declared a “palace for the people” when opened in 1895, is as stunning as any museum. While there, check out Bates Hall, an iconic reading room that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Explore on your own or take an Art & Architecture Tour, offered daily. The historic space is as educational as it is beautiful and free for the public to enjoy.

L.A. Burdick, 220 Clarendon St., Boston, 617-303-0113, and 52 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-491-4340,
Boston Public Library, 230 Dartmouth St, Boston,

Hot chocolate at J.P. Licks.
Chocolatey, with just a hint of cinnamon, the hot chocolate at J.P. Licks is one delicious reason to stop by this ice cream shop throughout the colder months.
Courtesy of J.P. Licks

Hot chocolate at J.P. Licks and a tour of the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery

You wouldn't naturally think of an ice cream shop serving stand-out hot chocolate, but J.P. Licks gets it right. With just a hint of cinnamon, this rich and creamy cocoa will warm you through and through.

J.P. Licks’ original Jamaica Plain location is around the corner from the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. Keep the indulgence going with a brewery tour and learn about the science of beermaking, with a generous number of samples along the way.

Various locations,
30 Germania St., Boston, 617-368-5080,

A cup of cocoa at The Buttery.
Creamy and supremely drinkable, The Buttery serves up a delightful cup of cocoa alongside its tasty pastries.
Nina Gallant

Hot chocolate at The Buttery and a walking chocolate tour in the South End

If you’re craving a chocolatey but easily drinkable treat, The Buttery has what you’re looking for. It’s not too thick or rich, but its chocolate flavor is clean and irresistible.

Keep your sweet tooth throbbing with a chocolate walking tour in the South End. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the historic and beautiful neighborhood while sampling chocolate from its premiere cafes, specialty shops, and boutiques. It makes for a perfectly romantic afternoon. Tours run every Saturday.

South End Buttery, 314 Shawmut Ave., Boston, 617-482-1015; 37 Clarendon St., Boston, 617-482-1015,
Cocoa Beantown Tours, 617-855-8567,

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Sesame caramel hot chocolate and brown butter tahini donut from Sofra.
The sesame caramel hot chocolate pairs well with the brown butter tahini donut (on weekends only) for a perfect snowy day treat!
Danielle DeSiato

Hot chocolate at Sofra and a stroll through the Mount Auburn Cemetery

Don't be deterred by the inclusion of tahini in the sesame caramel hot chocolate at Sofra. It adds a subtle nuttiness to temper the sweet caramel. And while the rich and thick adaptation is itself a drinkable snack, it’s hard to resist all the baked goods on display. Treat yourself.

Sofra is across the street from one of Cambridge’s gems. Mount Auburn Cemetery is a popular spot for visitors to come, reflect, and enjoy some art and nature. It may sound a bit morbid for a date, but a peaceful stroll through 175 acres of calm beauty is a little slice of serenity.

Sofra, 1 Belmont St., Cambridge, 617-661-3161,
Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge,

A cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream next to a plate with three chocolates
Hot chocolate at Gâté Comme des Filles
Alexandra Whisnant

Hot chocolate at Gâté Comme des Filles and a show at the Comedy Studio

Everything at Gâté Comme des Filles is a reflection of Alexandra Whisnant’s time in Paris, where she studied at the famed Le Cordon Bleu, and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to hot chocolate. Hers is infused with atypical hot cocoa ingredients, like coffee and herbs, and comes with a healthy serving of whipped cream. It's delicious.

After a sweet treat at Gâté Comme des Filles, head to The Comedy Studio for a night of laughs. The club features a rotating mix of veteran and up-and-coming comedians in a relaxing and casual atmosphere.

Gâté Comme des Filles,1 Bow Market Way #8, Somerville, 617-764-5872,
The Comedy Studio, 1 Bow Market Way #23 Somerville, 617-661-6507,