Boston Calling is in full swing this weekend and it's the food vendors that are stealing the show. Here are some of the treasures that we found all around the festival grounds that'll surely keep you fueled for days.


Chocolate chip sesame cookie from Bon Me
Hannah Casey

The Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookie from Bon Me

A good snack and great start to get you used to paying with the wrist band at the festival. Plus you get to scope out the food lines and plan out your attack for the rest of the day. The subtle sesame flavor is a natural pairing with this classic treat.

Rainbow cookie dough from DŌ NYC
Hannah Casey

Rainbow Cookie Dough from Dō NYC

Do yourself a favor and end the night with a sugar rush. This food safe/egg-free raw cookie dough is scooped like ice cream, and tastes like a perfect dream. We couldn't think of a better way to close out the festivities.


THE sweet and sour chicken rice burger from Riceburg
Hannah Casey

The Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice Burger from Riceburg

This sandwich has cornered the market on the cool, gluten-friendly and unique spin to a classic hamburger bun. And with great flavors like the sweet and sour chicken we recommend, along with Bulgogi and shiitake mushroom, you're bound to sink your teeth into something unforgettably yummy.

The English muffin pepperoni pizza from Skillet & Stone
Hannah Casey

The English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza from Skillet & Stone

A perfect — and delicious — fast snack in between sets, and probably the cheapest find at the festival for a whopping $4! This mini sando made us nostalgic for toaster muffin pizzas, and we loved every bite of it.

Pierogi from Jaju
Hannah Casey

Pierogi from Jaju

Delicious, cheap and fast (by festival standards). The pierogi come in several flavors (we had the jalapeño cheddar, kielbasa red pepper, and sweet potato caramelized onion), are wicked easy to eat standing up which was much appreciated, and are absolutely delightful.

The chopped brisket sandwich and honey sea-salt cornbread from the Smoke Shop BBQ
Hannah Casey

The Chopped Brisket Sandwich from The Smoke Shop BBQ

These guys are famous for their waffle cones of meat, but it was the chopped brisket that stole our hearts. It's packed with a mix of crispy burnt ends and flavorful tender brisket, served on a fresh bun, and with a side of superb cornbread made with honey sea salt. It's a messy eat, but chowing on barbecue on the astroturf will give you that fun cookout feeling.


The IKEA Food Lab at Boston Calling
Hannah Casey

The Pickled Veggie Dog from the IKEA Food Lab

Tons of hammock beds and plants, shade and comfy seating. The IKEA Food Lab is not only a great place to try some food, but also to relax.

The pickled veggie dog at the IKEA food lab
Hannah Casey

But when it comes to food, you won't find any Swedish meatballs here. Instead, IKEA has several veggie offerings and is test driving (and soon-to-be launching) a deconstructed, vacuum-sealed veggie dog that you cut open, and add spices to and eat like a salad. Weird, but bold. And tasty. Try it. (Really.) Your festival experience won't be complete without it.

IKEA Food Lab flavor sprays
The innovators at the IKEA Food Lab brought new flavor sprays to try with frozen yogurt.
Tori Bedford

If vacuum-sealed veggie dogs just aren't your thing, IKEA's other food of the future might be a little more approachable. The furniture giant brought out their beloved frozen yogurt as a base for their bold new "flavor sprays." The colorful potions got held up at customs, according to the IKEA festival staff, arriving in time for just Saturday and Sunday. Available in green apple, raspberry and caramel, these sprays are concentrated, customizable goodness.