We're kicking off the official start of summer savoring refreshing new food and wine trends. We’re talking flower syrups galore: think violets, roses and lilacs that add a floral twist to drinks. Plus, wine made smoky by California wildfires has been tough to sell. But winemakers are embracing inventive ways to ensure nothing goes to waste. At the same time, wine lovers are drinking less red wine, sipping more white and rosé.

And have you heard? Foodies are time-traveling back to the ’80s. They can’t seem to get enough of French onion soup mix, sun-dried tomatoes and other old-school ingredients.


Amy Traverso, senior food editor at Yankee Magazine, co-host of GBH’s “Weekends with Yankee," and author of “The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.”

Jonathon Alsop, founder and executive director of the Boston Wine School, and author of “The Wine Lover’s Devotional.”